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As of Spring 2014, Kim is now the owner and instructor of Healthy Beginnings, trained by Karen and carrying on the success of the classes as taught since 2008.


My name is Kim McLennan and I've been involved in the lives of children since I decided to take Early Childhood Education in 1997. I'm truly passionate about providing the highest quality care and information to parents, caregivers and children.  Feeling that I was preparing for the biggest transition that life has to offer is what led me to take a childbirth education class. I wanted to acquire as much information, research, support and resources as possible, knowing that my husband and I would be making many life altering decisions together and for our family.

My journey into pre and postnatal education began when I found myself expecting my first baby in 2006. I began to study all aspects of birth and breastfeeding, as well as reviewing infant care and best practices. I became as enamoured with the birthing process as I had been with the development of children. I decided then that I would pursue this passion in the next stage of my career.

Halfway through my daughter's second year, I was on my way to becoming a La Leche League leader through self-study and with the expertise of fellow leaders. I wanted to support moms in their journey to breastfeeding their babies, the way I had been supported, encouraged and helped. This knowledge has been an invaluable part of my parenting and growth as a person and a mom. It has allowed me to support moms in a group setting, through answering our phone help line and in person with women who need physical support.

Having taken infant massage myself, I wanted to learn this new skill as an extra tool to teach parents yet another way of bonding and getting comfortable with their newborns. I completed this course in June of 2008 and began teaching couples and moms how to massage their babies. This was the first step I took in learning how to teach adults.

While studying prenatal education, I observed an instructor teach a series and was approached by a couple who wanted me to be the doula at their birth. I was honoured, nervous and thrilled! Their birth was the next step to my becoming ever more curious and enraptured with the birthing process. I have continued to study, attend, discuss and contemplate birth ever since and will continue to pursue this passion in the name of healthy, natural, normal birth for women, their partners, and their beautiful babies.

Kim McLennan ECE, Childbirth Educator, Doula, Infant Massage Instructor


I was where you are a few short years ago. When I was pregnant with my daughter, my partner Paul and I spent a lot of time thinking about our choices:

Doctor or midwife?

Hospital prenatal classes or independent?

Doula or not?

Each decision was tough and forced us to ask, what is the best choice for our child? Like many parents, we wanted to learn as much as possible. We had questions about the effects of medications during the birth, but didn't know what to do instead of an epidural. We wondered what I should be eating, or what exercises I could be doing. We worried about how to breastfeed, how to care for a baby, and my biggest concern, how to avoid post-partum depression. Paul worried about hiring a doula or midwives and feeling left out of the process. 

What we needed was a been-there-done-that guide and for us, that was our Bradley Method prenatal instructor. The result of our experience is three completely natural births, including Paul not just supporting me all the way through, but catching our first baby!
The amazing influence our instructor had on our lives spurned a desire in me to share my knowledge so that other couples could experience birth together and strengthen their relationship.

I am a researcher both by training and nature. With over five years experience, I am trained and was certified as a Bradley Method instructor (in 2008 and 2009) and am a DONA-trained birth doula. I also volunteer with the Birth Companion Program through Mothercraft of Ottawa. I have a Masters degree in Health Economics and have taught university courses and done many invited guest lectures. My partner Paul has a PhD in Sociology and works in health research for the Federal Government. As well, we are parents to Maisie, Seamus, and Malachy. Maisie was born in hospital and Seamus and Malachy were born at home here in Ottawa.

I believe this work – strengthening families and preparing couples to experience the joy of birth and parenthood – is the most important work I can do. I am endlessly fascinated by the beauty of every newborn, and the joy of shared accomplishment. I love seeing both the birth of a child and the birth of parents: they amaze me as much as any newborn. Ask my students – I love what I do. I am energized by a roomful of expectant parents and am honoured by the parents that choose to invite me as a doula into their birth space.

I’d love to work with you as your guide during one of the most important events of your life.

Karen McIntosh, MA, Childbirth Educator, Doula

Founder and previous owner


My Birth Philosophy

I believe that pregnancy, labour, birth, and lactation are normal, physiological processes.

I believe that the birth experience in enhanced by having a woman’s partner trained to offer support – body, mind and spirit.

I believe that birth is an amazing, beautiful, transformative moment in the life of a woman and her family and friends.

I believe it is a benefit to the baby to have familial support strengthened by partnership and sharing responsibility throughout the pregnancy and birth.

I believe normal pregnancy is a healthy state of being.

I believe in the inherent knowledge of birth, instinctual to women.

I believe that birth is a unique time of creation – creation of a new, beautiful baby; creation in the physical form of the love of a family; creation of strength previously unknown to a woman and her family; and, creation of a community to support the growth of a new human being.

Finally, I believe that everyone is capable of having a beautiful birth day.
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